Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bratislava - View of the Danube and Castle - Monument Stur -
Slovak National Gallery and House CSSP -
Primatial Square, part of the old neo-Gothic town hall from 1912
Regular Line Sheffield (UK) - Topolcany (SK) 2014

"I wanted also to visit you but I hadn't time. So, sorry. Maybe next time." Zuzana N., 30/08/1989 ...

"Dear Zuzana, 
I have great news! I have been selected to take part in the Regular Line Project 2014! This means I will actually be able to visit your country for the first time! I am currently working with fellow artists Kirsteen Hardie and David Jones - who are also based in Sheffield, UK - on a concept for an exhibition in Topolcany.
This summer I have travelled back to my mum's house in Germany, where I grew up and from where I used to write to you as a teenager. I found out that I have not kept all of your letters! There are only a few left: the ones you wrote to me during the 'Revolution' and afterwards, when we both started to live in several different places. At the 25th Anniversary of the 'Revolutions' it feels quite a significant point in time to work on the above project and loop present and past. I will continue to share my thoughts with you as we progress! 
More soon! Susanne" 

More about the 'Revolutions of 1989' here.