Sunday, 5 October 2014

Regular Line Sheffield (UK) - Topolcany (SK) 2014

"... there was no time for writing letters. The situation in our country was really very interesting. Now it looks like it'll be better. I hope."     Zuzana N., 13/02/1990 ...

G.O.D. - Z.A.S.

Welcome to your journey! Would you like instructions?

You are standing in a public space. You recognize it as a bus station. The dominant colour is grey.
Before you have time to find a bus stop and decide on a destination you notice colourful stripes and letters below your feet. You start following the blue line.

You are at the top of some stairs.

There is a key here. A sign points downstairs and reads 'Art and Culture'.
Somewhere below the bus station is a secret space. You have heard of a place where others have found fortunes and fun, laughter and gold. There is a risk that if you enter you may never be seen again. Go in?

You follow down the stairs and reach some kind of platform. Around you are grey concrete walls.
There are gaps in the walls. 
There are people here. They speak an unknown language.
There is food here.
There is art.
There is a bottle of beer here.
>Get bottle.

You are currently holding the following 
A bottle of beer.
A camera phone with Google Translate.

Do you really want to quit now?


You scored 5 out of 365, using 1 turn. You are obviously an amateur. Better luck next time. To achieve the next higher rating you need to score some points. Maybe make some art work? ... New game?

G.O.D. - Z.A.S. (GAME OF DOOM - ZISK ALEBO STRATA) is a game without a clear objective. 
Kirsteen Hardie, David Jones and Susanne Palzer, three UK based artists, are the players who enter unknown territory. 
Moving between past, present and future they imagine a place they have not been to before and present choices as to where to travel within it. ...